Always Prepared for Trial

Delaney Law attorneys are experienced across a range of litigation specialties, and licensed to practice in several states, in U.S. federal court, and internationally across the European Union.

We develop a strategy for victory and stay the course with our clients throughout the hurdles of the legal process. We are fierce advocates for those we represent and have developed a reputation for our persistent approach.

At Delaney Law, we bring justice to individuals and businesses who think hope for an equitable result is lost. Engage us to handle your case today, and you will receive personal, direct attention from your Delaney Law attorney, and a strategy for litigation success.

Our expertise:

  • State Litigation
  • Federal Litigation
  • International Litigation
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"Because of Delaney Law's outstanding preparation of my case, we were successful in winning a significant verdict and my desired result." - Delaney Law Client