Frequently Asked Tax Law Questions

Tax is a complex subject that requires a complex understanding. In order to maximize your tax benefits and protect your assets, you have to know the system. Delaney Law Tax attorneys are here to guide you through the ins and outs.

What do I do if I make a mistake on my tax returns?

If you discover a mistake on your filed tax return you generally have three years to file amended tax return. You must contact the Internal Revenue Service to correct the mistake.

Can I sue a tax preparation company if they are responsible for mistakes?

In order to establish a malpractice suit against a tax preparer you will have to be able to prove two claims: (1) the tax professional failed to meet minimum professional standards and (2) that you have suffered damages. Always keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for the tax liability.

If I separate from my spouse but am still married, how should I file my taxes?

The best filing status should be determined on a case by case basis. If married, but separated you may choose to filed married filing jointly, married filing separately, or head of the household. Please consult an attorney or tax consultant to find the best.

DISCLAIMER Circular 230 Disclosure

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