Advice, Strategy, & Execution from Lawyers who have been in Your Shoes


Corporate Counsel

Delaney Law offers strategic advice from lawyers who have been in your shoes. We have founded businesses, scaled them, and sold them.   We help our corporate climates navigate the changing landscape of international business.

Business/Startup Advisory

Our goal is to trusted advisor in the growth of your business. We protect your interests and limit your risk.   In today’s market, one bad agreement can be the difference between success and failure. Our attorneys have started businesses, grown them, and sold them. You benefit from their experience.

Labor & Employment

Building your business is the first step, protecting it is the second.   Delaney Law represents employers, unions, government, and employees on rights and responsibilities.

Tax Counsel & Bankruptcy

Delaney Law can help you optimize tax strategies to maximize the value of your hard work.   Tax strategy can be a valuable tool if you use it properly.


Hospitality businesses are unique in corporate structure, licensure, funding, and documentation. From purchase to acquisition to day to day operations, Delaney Law has helped 100s of hospitals, bars, and hotels become successful.

Family Law

Family is your most important asset and needs to be protected accordingly.

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"I have never felt rushed or believed I was getting less than my attorney's undivided attention to a matter that is very important to me." - Delaney Law Client